About the Show

Whether by accident or design, you have landed at the Jazz Guy website, where you are just as welcome as at the last web site you visited. Would I have a website if I didn’t want people to visit it? Of course not. Of course you are welcome. There are websites where you can go to buy firearms, look at naked women or register your political convictions. The Jazz Guy offers none of these things, so now is your chance to log out. Stick around though, if you love jazz, because we’ve got plenty of that for you to savor and enjoy, and it’s only a click away.

The Jazz Guy is a regular feature on the Voice of Vashon Community Radio, and is a Voice of Vashon Production:  this website offers the opportunity for listeners to choose any Jazz Guy show from the archives and play it, on demand; select from the earliest ones in early 2000 to the most recent ones from the past two months. In addition, all the shows are themed Рthey are about something Рso you can choose a show by its subject (Sex, Money, Sports) as well. Also, if you like short cuts or become anxious when presented with too many alternatives, there are listings on this page of our most popular shows and our newest ones: you can take the show off the shelf, so to speak, without visiting the library.

The rumors are, unfortunately, true. The Jazz Guy is really just an old white guy named Bill Wood who has a lot of jazz records and who has never recovered from an adolescent desire to be hip.

In another life he called himself William Wood and wrote for television. The last fifteen years of his thirty-four year career were mostly spent in writing movies for television, and, no, there probably isn’t anything he wrote that you would have seen. Now he lives on Vashon Island and thinks that having a website is the same as having a life.

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